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    10 small apartment decoration mistakes

    Announcer:admin  Release time:2018-5-18 16:30:22

    The small apartment has a small space and an unclear structure, and the decoration is very unprofessional. Many people, because they don't know the attention of the small house decoration, insisted on doing their own ideas. As a result, the renovated house was not uncomfortable, and the scenery was regrettable. In order to avoid the recurrence of such situations, Xiao Bian collected some small room decoration taboos, and don't commit another crime next time.

    1. Insufficient and weak power arrangement

    Small apartment rooms are small but well-equipped. Because the occupants are mostly young people, they have high dependence on the computer network and their lives are free. Therefore, the small apartment requires high circuit layout. It is necessary to fully consider the various use requirements, and to make Ningfu rich in the early design, to avoid the lack of interface after the change of furniture and pattern in the later stage.

    2. dull wall color

    For small units, color systems with higher brightness and purity are generally selected. Because the purity of the color is stronger, the more you see it first; the higher the brightness, the more malleable the senses, which is what we usually call "bright and bright." If the small apartment type chooses the dim style in the decoration, it will make people feel depressed and dull, and the whole room will be visually smaller, making the narrow space more narrow.

    3. complex ceilings

    Most of the small-sized houses are short, and the ceiling decoration with a small shape should be, or simply do not make a ceiling. If the shape of the ceiling is too regular, the space area of the ceiling will be too strong. Moreover, in modern decoration, many young people do not like to make ceilings at home, and it is not practical to look good. Therefore, if you want to expand the decoration of a small apartment, you must not have a complicated ceiling, so you can do it without doing it.

    4. Ground decoration of divided areas

    The space of the small apartment is narrow and twisted. Many people use the different materials and heights to distinguish the area in order to decorate the effect. The smallpox also echoes with it, which leads to more tortuous spatial structure and derivative. A lot of "corridors" create visual obstacles and waste of space.

    5. hard partition

    Small apartment decoration should be used with careful use of hard partitions. If it is not necessary, make hard partitions as little as possible. If you need to do it, you can consider using glass partitions. Increasing the transparency of the room can also make good use of the visual illusion of glass for spatial expansion.

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