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    How to solve the delay in renovation and construction

    Announcer:admin  Release time:2018-5-18 16:29:25

    Preventing the extension of the decoration 1: Reasonably delineating the construction period

      First of all, when signing the contract, it is necessary to make a corresponding agreement in the construction contract. It is understood that some companies have agreed that the "duty of liability" is generally 30 yuan / day, some 50 yuan / day, some compensation fees are as high as 150 yuan / day, some Wuhan decoration company is based on the total project cost 1 % to calculate the default, however, there are also many decoration companies will not take the initiative to propose "deferred compensation".

      It takes at least 2-3 months to properly renovate a flat-level apartment in Wuhan, 4-5 months for a compound penthouse, and 5 months for a villa renovation. It is not excluded that the renovation period will change due to factors such as size, difficulty level, seasonal climate or overall quality of workers. If the construction period promised by the construction party is too short, it is generally impossible to complete the work on time under the premise of quality and quantity.

      Prevention of decoration extension 2: strict control design plan

      "Because the owner's own reasons for delaying the construction period are also very common. The main reasons include that the main material can't enter the market on time." An industry insider stressed that the owner must ensure that the main material enters the market on time.

      After the start of construction, the design plan is constantly changing, which is also a major cause of delays in the construction period. If it is determined that the construction period is delayed due to the construction party, or if there is no extension of the breach clause in the contract, the owner may reinstate the contract and sign the supplementary contract to add the deferred compensation clause.

      Preventing the renovation of the extension 3: Clear delivery time and claims when signing the contract

      The delivery time for home improvement projects is subject to the contractual agreement between Party A and Party B. If you do not want to be postponed and have no complaints, you must specify the specific amount of breach of contract and the details in the contract terms, and then strictly follow the contract. Generally speaking, the owner can refer to the formal company in the city for more information on the liquidated damages, and then judge whether the selected decoration company gives the proportion of liquidated damages in the contract that is in line with the interests of the buyer and the seller.

      Note on contract signing: It is necessary to remind that when the owner signs a contract with the construction unit, it is necessary to sign the liability for breach of contract and related compensation liability. It is good to determine the specific amount of liquidated damages per day. If it is filled in according to the total project price, it is good to calculate the specific amount of the daily equivalent. If the amount of liquidated damage is too small, it may not achieve the effect of restraint.

      Acting under the contract

      If the extension of the decoration is caused by the decoration company, the owner should work in accordance with the contract and strive to obtain their legitimate rights and interests. 1 The contract clarifies the compensation for the extension of the decoration: In the contract signed by the decoration, the specific amount of breach of contract and the detailed rules are indicated, and the contract is strictly implemented.

      2 The contract does not express the decoration delay compensation: When the decoration company signs the contract with the owner, sometimes it will deliberately neglect the extension of the decoration. If there is an extension problem, the decoration company may therefore refuse to pay compensation. However, this situation can also be resolved through negotiation, third-party adjustment or litigation.

      3 Reissue contract: Foreseeable extension of the decoration, if it is determined that the construction period is delayed due to the construction party, and there is no extension of the breach clause in the contract, the owner can reinstate the contract, sign the supplementary contract, and add the deferred compensation clause.

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