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    From August on the inspection and tracking of construction safety special rectification work

    Announcer:admin  Release time:2018-5-18 16:28:42
    According to the document of the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development, “Notice on Carrying out the Special Rehabilitation Work for Construction Safety in 2017”, the special rectification work for building construction safety in 2017 has been initiated by the competent departments of housing and urban construction in various parts of the country. From April to July, it is a construction enterprise and engineering project. From the self-examination and self-correction stage, from August to November, the competent departments of housing and urban-rural construction began to conduct random inspections and follow-up implementation. In December, the competent departments of housing and urban-rural construction of various localities summarized the annual special rectification of safety.
    First, the work target
    Through in-depth work on building construction safety special rectification work, further promote the main body of project construction to strictly implement the main responsibility of safety production, strengthen enterprise preventive measures, strengthen safety risk management and control, effectively carry out safety hazard investigation and management activities, and improve the safety awareness and safety of employees. Skills, effectively prevent the collapse of deep foundation pits, collapse of formwork support system, collapse of construction cranes, etc., effectively safeguard the lives and property of the people, and maintain social harmony and stability.
    Second, the scope of remediation
    (1) Safety management of deep foundation pit engineering. Protection of deep foundation pit (slot) excavation, including perimeter protective railings, worker-dedicated stairways, isolation protection between the lower vertical working surface, etc.; compliance of deep foundation pits (slots) and slope operations , including support, lowering (row) water, grading, safety monitoring, etc.
    (2) Safety management of the template support system. The template support system is used to set up the pre-materials and foundation acceptance, safety technology, bottoming, mold erection, inspection and acceptance after erection, use and inspection, concrete pouring, on-site safety monitoring, mold frame removal and supervision and management.
    (3) Safety management of lifting machinery. Construction crane machinery property record, installation (disassembly) notification, safety file establishment, inspection and testing, installation and acceptance, use registration, regular inspection and maintenance and other system implementation, mechanical full-time safety production management staffing and whether the company has the corresponding qualifications And the situation of the safety permit, the installation and dismantling of the lifting machinery, the driver, the signal department, the so-called work permit.
    (4) Safety management of municipal infrastructure projects. Compilation and implementation of safety special construction plans for accident-prone sections such as foundation pits (slots), tunnels, underground excavation and pipe jacking operations in urban underground integrated pipe gallery, water supply, drainage, heating and gas supply projects; Adjacent buildings, structures and underground pipelines that may cause damage in the surrounding area; monitoring of toxic and harmful gases; risk prevention and control throughout the process.
    (5) Implementation of the responsibility of the main body of production safety. Construction, supervision, survey, design, construction general contracting, professional subcontracting, labor subcontracting, steel pipe fastener leasing, construction crane rental, installation, use, etc. The implementation of the main responsibility of the safety production unit; Implementation of safety responsibilities.
    (6) Management of safety special construction plans. For the part of the project with high risk, the construction unit shall carry out special program preparation, audit, expert demonstration and on-site implementation; the supervision unit shall carry out special program review, construction site supervision and project acceptance; the construction unit shall provide during the safety supervision Checklist situation.
    Third, the job requirements
    (1) Full implementation of responsibilities. The competent departments of housing and urban construction in all localities must conscientiously implement the spirit of the Party’s 18th and 6th Plenary Sessions, the Central City Work Conference and the National Safe Production Video Conference, adhere to the people-oriented principle, and stand at the height of safeguarding the fundamental interests of the people and further improve Awareness of the special rectification work of building construction safety. The main responsible person should personally do a good job in the deployment of the work, decompose the responsibility to each level, each position, each person, strengthen the implementation of responsibility, and ensure the smooth implementation of all work.
    (2) Strengthen supervision and enforcement. The competent departments of housing and urban construction in various localities shall formulate detailed supervision and inspection plans and strengthen supervision and spot checks on the construction site. It is necessary to further enforce the law strictly, and order the enterprises to promptly rectify the problems and hidden dangers discovered, otherwise they will be suspended. Enterprises and personnel who fail to implement the responsibility for safety production should increase penalties and lead to safety accidents. All relevant licenses shall be temporarily detained or revoked according to law, and restrictions shall be imposed on bidding and qualification management in accordance with relevant regulations. To be practical.
    (3) Highlight the key points of governance. The competent departments of housing and urban construction in all areas shall make overall plans and overall layout, promote the special rectification work of building construction safety, coordinate the work of non-regulation, safety production standardization, accident investigation and supervision, and comprehensively improve the supervision and construction safety supervision level of the construction area. It is necessary to focus on three key points: focus on strengthening the special rectification of building construction safety in accident-prone areas and enterprises; focusing on strengthening supervision and inspection of shantytown renovation and resettlement housing and other people's livelihood projects; focusing on strengthening the safety of responsible persons of all parties involved in responsibility Responsibility is implemented. Through the management of key issues, we will achieve safe development with a point-to-point approach.
    (4) Summing up the experience in a timely manner. The competent departments of housing and urban construction in various localities should strengthen publicity and guidance, widely publicize construction safety production work by means of discussion and communication, media publicity, and handbooks, and guide and supervise the responsible parties of the project construction to seriously implement the requirements of safety production. If the work is ineffective and in the form of a form, it is necessary to report criticism and expose the typical case. The competent departments of housing and urban construction in each locality shall regularly analyze and evaluate the implementation of the special rectification work of building construction safety, summarize the good practices, promote and apply them to the construction safety supervision work in the region, and effectively consolidate the results of the special rectification work of building construction safety.
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